Kommetjie is a village with a unique and special blend of beach, mountains, sea, nature and surf… Beautiful to live in, remarkable for a day trip, and amazing for a holiday!

Recent Updates

Support Kommetjie Primary School record-breaking attempt


Go along to Kommetjie Primary School this weekend, support four Dads attempting to break the world record for the longest doubles tennis match (58 hours) and have lots of fun.. read more

Kommetjie Residents Victory Against Cell Mast Objection


The rooftop Cell Mast application in Seeliger Avenue has been rejected by the City of Cape Town after the KRRA and more than 60 residents objected. The City cites incompatibility.. read more

Free trees from roadworks


Chand Environmental Consultants are responding to concerns about losing trees due to the roadworks, expressed at the recent Community Liaison meeting. They are offering people some small trees at Capri.. read more