Protea Ridge

Guideline to respond to Protea Ridge Basic Assessment Report

Posted on July 4, 2013 · Posted in Development

Submit your comments and objections to the Protea Ridge development by midnight on Friday 5 July 2013 to the following person:

Jenna Theron
Doug Jeffery Environmental Consultants
P O Box 44, Klapmuts 7625
Tel: 021 875 5272
Fax:021 875 5515

This development consists of 102 residential units that will be built between the back of Riverside Glen and Klein Slangkop (behind the Wireless Station). This is in addition to the other developments in the area.

Guidelines to help you create your response – please use this as a guideline, and put your response into your own words.

1. Traffic and Roads: the roads in the Far South are over capacity, the latest reports commissioned by the developer show a decrease in traffic, however complete gridlocks occur repeatedly in the area, which questions the accuracy of the report.

2. Ou Kaapse Weg: none of the reports cover the cumulative impact of all planned developments in the Far South on the road capacity of Ou Kaapse Weg. This is the primary access and exit road for the Far South and even if roads leading into Kommetjie are upgraded, most of the traffic still needs to travel via Ou Kaapse Weg.

3. Tourism: by increasing density of housing in the Far South there is a large probability that it will no longer be able to attract the many local and international visitors that come to enjoy the natural beauty and space.

4. Schooling: all the Far South schools are at capacity; no further developments should take place until capacity is increased at schools.

5. Policing: there is inadequate policing in the area, reports in the front page of the False Bay Echo over the last 3 weeks (6 June – 27 June 2013) prove this, by adding further residential units in Kommetjie this will only make the problem worse.

6. 79% greater than the Southern District Plan (SDP) recommends: the SDP recommends 200 additional units in Wireless Road, although this is a guideline, it is unacceptable that the developer is proposing a 79% deviation to this recommendation by proposing a total of 358 units between the Wireless 1, Wireless 2, Riverside Glen Extension, Protea Ridge and Squires Close developments. The response given to I&AP comments on this topic that suggests the SDP is incorrect due to the size of the area earmarked for development is not convincing.

7. Segregation: we object to building private and fenced estates in Kommetjie, this goes against the countries ethos of racial integration, it segregates the advantaged from the disadvantaged.

8. Access to open space: by building private and fenced estates the developer is limiting access to open spaces for public recreation.

9. Ecological corridor: although there are extensive specialist reports, the terms of reference are for specific developments, there is no comprehensive report available showing the cumulative impact on the ecological corridor including the Bokrumspruit and the surrounding wetlands.

10. Heritage: the heritage report is massively misguiding, it is missing vital heritage statistics including the heritage status of the farm that the development is being proposed on. The Kommetjie Heritage Society has dismissed this report as no more than a “high school project”.

11. Sense of Place: Kommetjie has a unique sense of place; this sense of place is what attracts residents and visitors to the village. With this development and the others proposed, this sense of place is likely to be destroyed.

12. Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA): in a meeting on 27 May 2013 with Mayor Patricia De Lille and several councilors, Cllr Bloor agreed that a SEA must be undertaken in the Far South to provide the necessary input to planning policy and filtering down ultimately to zone schemes. No development proposal should be considered until a comprehensive and satisfactory assessment is complete which includes public participation.

13. Mayor acknowledges development pressure in the Far South: the minutes of a meeting held on 27 May 2013 with Mayor Patricia De Lille and several councilors quote the Mayor having said – Most areas in the City were currently at capacity with issues such as solid waste. She emphasised that SPELLUM had to consider each application on its merit. She closed the discussion by saying: “Rest assured, we cannot approve any major developments in the South”.