kommetjie home invasion

Second Home Invasion of 2013 in Kommetjie

Posted on July 17, 2013 · Posted in Crime, Residents

On evening of Monday 15 July  at approximately 23:37 Kom Watch received a phone call on the emergency phone that there was a home invasion taking place in Strelitzia Avenue, Old Kommetjie.

Rapid Response Team (RRT) members were called on the radio and responded, but by the time they arrived on the scene the criminals had left. It is believed that they were the notorious Balaclava Gang.

Held resident hostage at knife point

At approximately 20:00 the tenant downstairs opened her door for her cat at which time four black males wearing balaclavas gained entrance into the house and tied her up.

After approximately an hour they used her at knife point to gain entrance into the main house upstairs which was occupied by the house sitter. They also tied him up and proceeded to load up the house safe containing large amounts of cash, jewellery and cell phones into a brand new silver Rav 4 which was also stolen.

It is believed they parked up Clan Monroe Avenue which is very secluded and made their getaway by car and road out of Kommetjie.

Need for license plate recognition technology

This is the second home invasion by the Balaclava Gang in Kommetjie, and once again highlights the need for additional assistance from the community and the urgent need for license recognition plate recognition technology at the only two entrance and exits points in and out of Kommetjie.

What you can do to reduce the likelihood of this occurring again?

Residents are urged to keep their perimeter beams on whenever possible, join Kom Watch on www.komwatch.co.za and to report any suspicious activity to Kom Watch on the radio network or via the emergency phone on 082 327 7783.

You can also sign up for a 2 hour “ears and eyes” patrol once a month. Monday nights are particularly difficult for neighbourhood watch patrollers as criminals can easily disguise themselves as bin pickers, residents are urged to only put their bin out on Tuesday morning and give any donations to official welfare organisations instead of leaving them on their bins.