11 Point Road Swimming Pool Public Participation

Posted on March 25, 2014 ยท Posted in Development

The Applicant constructed a swimming pool in their lawned garden and due to the fact that the Applicant was unaware that Environmental Authorisation was required for such construction within 100m of the high water mark of the sea, the activity is deemed unlawful and a Section 24G Rectification Application is now required to regularise (i.e. make lawful) the activity.

This notification forms part of the mandatory public consultation process as required by the NEMA EIA Regulations (2010). Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) are hereby invited to register as a Stakeholder for this Project. I&APs should please refer to the relevant Competent Authority reference number above when commenting and must provide their comments together with their name, contact details (preferred method of notification) and an indication of any direct business, financial, personal or other interest which they have in the application, to the contact person/s indicated below.

Comments must please be provided within 40 calendar days (the deadline for comments is 05 May 2014) from the date of this notice (which commences on 25 March 2014) in order to be considered.