Spikey Burglar Deterrents – good and bad plants

Posted on May 5, 2014 · Posted in Nature, Residents

Spikey indigenous plants to plant along your boundaries:

1. Aloe aborescens – grows in clumps & forms a “hedge”, very robust, cut the heads off & plant to increase number of plants, good fire resistance, birds love the attractive flowers

2. Bokdoring (Lycium ferocissimum)

3. Basterpendoring (Putterlickia pyracantha)

4. Stinkpendoring (Maytenus heterophylla / Gymnosporia buxifolia)

5. Skilpadbessie (Nylandtia spinosa) – low growing shrub that is uncomfortable, but perhaps not enough on its own

6. Num nums (Carissa macrocarpa) – thorny shrub with white flowers & berries that birds enjoy, larger & smaller varieties

Good Hope Nursery is great with advice & has a good stock of indigenous options.

The following plants MUST NOT be used as they are alien invasive species:

· Agave – poisonous, illegal to own or plant them. If you have them it is best to remove them (and burn or use herbicide to kill them completely) or at least cut the flowerheads/spikes off before the seeds spread.

· Yucca – with white hanging flowers

· Cacti