SaveKom Last Chance

Posted on June 27, 2016 ยท Posted in Development

You are all aware of the issues we are facing regarding property developments in Kommetjie. One of those applications, Riverside Glen extension (the first 107 new houses of the 400 imminent), has now been approved and we were not even allowed to appeal. The only way to stop this onslaught is through a court review. We need some money for this.

Our advocate has said we have a reasonable chance of winning. The argument is that the City says in its Southern District Plan (SDP) that for any new development to be approved, a broad traffic study must show that there is enough road infrastructure to handle the traffic. They have not followed their own policy here and this will set a precedent. This condition will be ignored for other developments as well, if we let them get away with this one.

We all know that traffic is just one, visible pressure point. There are many more, from schools to sewers. We will end up with higher density housing and the character of Kommetjie will change, affecting the value of your home. Our infrastructure will not cope with the development pressure.

Taking the matter to court will be cost about R350,000-00. But spread over all the Kommetjie residents, it is not much. The other Far South Civics have promised donations to help reduce the burden. They know that this is a regional problem, not just a village one. We also already have commitments from some residents in our community and at our AGM last month those attending were in favour of proceeding.

Now we need to know urgently from you if you are willing to support us taking the matter to court and whether we can rely on you for a contribution.

Please click here and sign up to become a member and give us your answer or sign the support list at the Post Shoppe. Time is of the essence.

If the decision is to go ahead, we will provide weekly updates via the website.