Be prepared for the storm

Posted on June 6, 2017 ยท Posted in Uncategorized

As the biggest storm in 30 years approaches it would be good for Kommetjie residents to be generally prepared. Think about your trips planned, window shutters, gutters checked, candles, overhanging branches, fuel, food basics, cell phones charged, pets protected and secured.

A note from the City regarding those living right on the coast says:
A very big storm with winds up to hurricane strength is heading towards CT from the West. Damage can be expected (possibly similar to the storm of 2001) and the City will be monitoring this, especially with reference to infrastructure like sewer lines.

Sand bag walls on private property are not advisable and not encouraged because of energy deflection to neighbouring properties; however providing they are on private property it is not prohibited.

Homeowners MAY NOT use beach or dune sand to fill sand bags.This will be actively enforced.

Any semi permanent structure created from sand bags may not exceed five cubes of volume within 100m of the high water mark. Any broken bags need to be cleared up by any sand wall builders after the storm.