New SAPS Sector Commander for Kommetjie

Posted on April 2, 2018 · Posted in Uncategorized

Kommetjie residents are reporting improved responsiveness from SAPS with the new management at Ocean View Police Station, according to the meeting on 27 March.

Lt Col Monwabisi Buzwayo arrived last November as Station Commander. And OV detective commander Captain Bester reported that all the well-known gang members in OV are now behind bars.

But there’s still a lot to do. Chairing the meeting of around 30 residents, Johann Kilkillus said that around 50 per cent of crimes are still not reported to the police because people are fed up with delays. There are burglaries in Kommetjie nearly every night. There are still muggings on the beach. There are car guards with known affiliations to the gangs patrolling car parks without approval/supervision and poachers are seen frequently near the Kom and are also known to be connected to the gangs.

On heartfelt plea from a KomWatch volunteer moved the audience: “I am a civilian. I didn’t move to a village to be running around day and night as a KomWatch volunteer, risking my life, after a full day’s work”.

And Lt Col Buzwayo humbly admitted he was proud of Kommetjie and KomWatch and was determined to improve communication and responsiveness.

He announced that he had appointed a Sector Commander, Sgt Riedewaan Isaacs, to cover Kommetjie and Ocean View. His job will be to liaise with the community, know our current crime issues and make sure SAPS responds, through a new Sector Crime Forum.

Masi also has a Section Commander, Constable Myeleni. She was introduced to a well-attended meeting in Masi earlier in the week.

Lt Col Buzwayo has also appointed two crime prevention units to work in the community and also to service the Community Police Forum, to improve its communication and effectiveness.

And he will be shifting some officers to work in the detectives’ unit.

SAPS admitted that Ocean View is short of detectives. On one day, 7 of the 8 detectives from OV were sitting in Simon’s Town Magistrates Court, waiting for their cases to be heard. But so is SAPS nationally.

There’s also a work overload for the fingerprints officers. There is only one covering the whole of the South Peninsula and this leads to delays in processing. Each constable at OV has a workload of around 500 dockets to process.

All SAPS stations who have known gang issues are attending weekly provincial meetings to present and monitor their operational plans.

He confirmed that there are now two SAPS vehicles patrolling OV and Kommetjie 24/7. And SAPS and KomWatch are going to work out a system so SAPS officers on patrol duty can keep in regular contact with KomWatch patrollers throughout their shifts.

Both SAPS and Kommetjie residents were frustrated by the delays and lack of communication from Simon’s Town Magistrates Court. Witnesses are also forced to sit in the same area as defendants: there are reports of witnesses being threatened.

The issue of police misconduct was also tackled head on. An officer who had crashed a SAPS vehicle was being disciplined. Lt Col Buzwayo said: “if you have something to report, do it. There’s a suggestion box in the station. Leave your comments. You don’t need to sign. We will examine it and take the right action”.

He also confirmed that there is ongoing recruitment of reservists and he is appealing for people to come forward.

Shown are Chair Johan Kilkillus (third left) with Kommetjie residents and SAPS (left to right) Lt Col Buzwayo, Sgt Isaacs and Constable Myeleni.