Help us make a New Book on Kommetjie a reality

Posted on February 8, 2019 ยท Posted in Uncategorized

Greetings to all who live in the beautiful village of Kommetjie and family and friends afar.

Longtime Kommetjie residents Duncan Duffett, Marilyn Metcalf and Roger Bain are donating their time and expertise to embark on the exciting and challenging journey of compiling and producing a refreshing, quality coffee table book on Kommetjie.

The aim is to create a visual treat, a book to treasure. they will be sourcing unique, interesting, old, new or humorous information, photographs, paintings, posters, illustrations and comment reflecting the life, times and moods of Kommetjie since 1905. If you have any contributions or ideas to assist with making this homegrown project a success, please contact Roger, Marilyn or Duncan for more information:

Roger Bain at or WhatsApp on 084 454 8503
Duncan Duffett at or WhatsApp on 084 983 4912
Marilyn Metcalf at or WhatsApp on 076 371 0358.

Please help them by Pre-ordering the book:
ORDER NOW and pay only R 300 (Final price will be R 350).

Bank Details:
Account Number: 2012332757.
Branch Code: 198765.
Type of Account: Club Account.

Please help them by contributing:
Ideas, Inclusions, Stories, Anecdotes, Historical Photographs and Paintings.

Please help them by telling them why you love Kommetjie:
Tell them what makes Kommetjie so special to you in less than 100 words. The best will be published in the book.

Please help them kickstart the necessary fundraising drive and purchase some Limited Edition Kommetjie Koffee mugs.

Their aim is to print and sell 500 copies at a price of R350 each.
They would therefore like to encourage residents who are interested in pre-ordering and paying only R300, to do so asap. This will help cover the cost of the printing.

Any profit from this venture will be allocated to local community projects.
Their bank account will be open for audit by any outside interest at any stage.