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Confirmed – as announced at our annual meeting, the Community Police Forum (CPF) for our area is meeting in Kommetjie on Wednesday, 22 May, at Kommetjie Christian Church, Lighthouse Road, starting at 6.30pm. Queries can be directed to CPF chair: Kathy Cronje at 0843079102.

The CPF brings together the police and the communities served by Ocean View SAPS: Kommetjie, Ocean View, Scarborough and Masiphumelele. On the agenda will be the latest updates on the recent serious crimes in the Far South.

At the AGM CPF Chair Kathy Cronje led a minute’s silence in memory of Scarborough man, David Wolfromm. Ocean View Police Station Commander, Colonel Buzwayo said there were two suspects for the crime. One arrest had been made and the police would not stop until the second suspect was also in custody.

Annual meeting updates
News from the joint KRRA/KEAG annual meeting last week, attended by over 100 people:

1. The contractors have said road construction on the Kommetjie Road/Fourways project will finish on 11 March 2020 and all lanes will be open.
2. Abalone has now virtually poached out from the Far South except in the ‘no take’ MPA zones in Cape Point section of Table Mountain National Park. (only 1 found in over 170 research diving transects done in False Bay). Several organised groups of poachers from various parts of the Cape coast are targeting the National Park now despite effective compliance work in the reserve.
3. The developer of the Spar Shopping Centre is awaiting the return of plans. The local group of architects and development specialists will then be given an opportunity to view and comment on them. The specialists group includes: Rod Gurzynski, Ant Van Tulleken, Wim Botha, Willie Van Schoor, Neil Van Zyl, Pete Lucas, Eugenie Skelton and Patrick Dowling. Residents, at the AGM, expressed concern about traffic on Teubes Rd and the need for an upgrade to the road.
4. A TOPS bottle store has been mooted for the centre. On a show of hands, the vast majority of people present voted against having a second bottle store in Kommetjie. One resident said that all TOPS bottle stores open until 4 p.m. on Sundays.
5. Rebecca Sturgeon spoke of her concerns about 5G technology and the effects on physical and mental health of the microwave radiation. She asked KRRA/KEAG to take forward a proposal that the Far South be a 5G-free zone.
6. As the KRRA still has a substantial debt to pay off after its unsuccessful court bid to protect the village from over-development we would appreciate continued donations to facilitate this and support the other work done on behalf of the community. Bank details are KRRA, Standard Bank, Fish Hoek 036009, Acc Nr 374221065. We thank all those who have made one-off or regular contributions.

People agreed with the stated mandate of actions for KRRA and KEAG:
.To initiate and support projects to do with the enhancement of open spaces, commonage and walkways
.To lobby relevant official bodies regarding the improvement of infrastructure in Kommetjie and compliance with ordinances, regulations and by-laws and the conservation of our natural environment on land and sea
.To give greater attention to issues of security and the co-ordination of such efforts
.To communicate regularly with Kommetjie residents through a variety of media
.To attempt to involve residents in various local activities
.To interact robustly with authorities in pursuit of our constitutional principles.

After the meeting there was a BIG thank you from all concerned to Patrick Dowling for his unstinting, generous and thoughtful chairing and work for KRRA and for KEAG over too many years to count.

Ask not what KRRA does for you…
Due to the lack of local volunteers, KRRA and KEAG are merging administratively, though the finances will be accounted for separately and the green advocacy work of KEAG will not be compromised. If you’d like to support your community, there’s still an opportunity to come forward and volunteer. It doesn’t have to involve attending committee meetings! We do desperately need a treasurer. It’s not a big task but needs someone who is organised and can deal with figures.

We thank Rebecca Sturgeon, John Cuthill and Margaret-Anne Halse for volunteering to help.

If you’re interested how Kommetjie develops, the built infrastructure, the environment, protecting our wildlife, the beach, interacting with the City and other agencies, or other issues, please contact Patrick Dowling at with your specific interest area.

And if you’re reading this from our website and not in an email, why not join up to KRRA to receive updates regularly via email. Just go to the ‘for residents’ section of the website and sign up. It’s free and easy.