Kommetjie is a village with a unique and special blend of beach, mountains, sea, nature and surf… Beautiful to live in, remarkable for a day trip, and amazing for a holiday!

Recent Updates

Proposed mixed use development of Farm 1529 (“Imhoff Farm”), Kommetjie


NEMA FULL SCOPING AND EIA: NOTICE OF PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PROCESS Proposed mixed use development of Farm 1529 (“Imhoff Farm”), Kommetjie, South Peninsula, City of Cape Town DEA & DP REFERENCE.. read more

Find out how cell phone technology is affecting YOU!


Cell masts, wifi, phones, new technology – How do they affect you? What can you do? Find out more at a public information sharing meeting led by EMF specialist, David.. read more

May news


Confirmed – as announced at our annual meeting, the Community Police Forum (CPF) for our area is meeting in Kommetjie on Wednesday, 22 May, at Kommetjie Christian Church, Lighthouse Road,.. read more