Kommetjie Environmental Awareness Group.

KEAG is our own registered non-profit organization (NPO) which cares for and raises awareness about our environment. KEAG is dedicated to the preservation of our natural environment and to the upliftment of our living environment. It was led since its formation in 1991 by Wally Petersen, until his untimely death in November 2016. Since then the Executive with a group of volunteers has taken up the challenge.

Skilpadsvlei, a haven for Western Cape wildlife including the endangered Western Leopard Toad, was created through the City of Cape Town, largely due to the efforts of KEAG. The wetland area hosts a wide range of indigenous flora and provides a home for 10 species of frogs and toads. Every year KEAG volunteers carry out toad patrols to protect the growing Kommetjie population of this endemic species. This is achieved through the managing and running of diverse but interrelated projects that create employment and deal with real environmental needs.

KEAG Projects have included:

  • Southern Peninsula – Working for the Coast
  • Ilithalomsa Craft-from-Waste
  • Marine Monitoring
  • Bird Scaring Lines
  • Baboon Management

In 2017 KEAG organised volunteer days at Skilpadsvlei, toad patrols and several public meetings on matters of environmental concern – ground water, marine poaching and desalination plants.

Find out more on KEAG’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KEAGKommetjieEnvironmentalAwarenessGroup/