Beth Lowe invites you to view the en-plein-air paintings at the Entrance Gallery in Kommetjie. View by appointment. Please call 0849510709 or 0217831850.

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The Gallery is filled with artworks that shows the passion and natural splendor, cultures and beauty of Africa and wild places.
We have recently launched the Interiors section into the Gallery, which offers decor items and interior consultation services.
Our Interior services include:
Concept Development
Accessories & Detailing
Unique Products
Artwork Pairing
Look & Feel Layouts

We are situated at Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie, please feel free to pop around and have a browse.

At 77 I found myself resident in what must be an artist’s dream spot, so who could resist taking out the brushes.

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I choose to work on fairly large canvases enabling the full emotion to evolve with ease. I feel stifled and confined when working small scale. Colour is intense, and is dictated by mood. This is moving from a more monochromatic palette to that of a bolder more primary coloured one as my paintings change and my style matures.

I love how the human form; in its movement and stance can depict so much feeling and emotion. This is a common theme running though my paintings. The relationship of the softer more organic forms juxtaposed with stronger geometric.

I keep my canvas uncluttered, I strongly believe less is more. In some of my work, texture dominates, others, color and subject matter. No piece is preconscieved. Inspired both internally and externally by a mood or feeling, the artwork evolves unconsciously and chanels through me and onto the canvas. The less I control the process, the better the outcome. It’s a trust and a letting go.

I paint becaue I love it, its my therapy and my happy place. I am inspired by the people I love and the environment in which I live. Inspiration is giving up complete control, and trusting in the moment.

Currently I am experimenting with rollers and sponges, charcoal and pastles. Acrylics are paint of choice, as colour dries quicker so as not to interupt the creative process. Playing with texture, to add another dimention to my work. I srtive to capture the fluidity and movement of the mood or emotion in my quick and decicive brush work. It can take anything from two to five hours from start to completion.

I do not look at the canvas when drawing or painting figures or objects, I like to feel the line rather than see. Proportion is of no interest to me, its all about capturing a feeling of a movement. The influence of modenisim the abstract expressionist movement and street art is also prevalent in many of my paintings.
I prefer not to offer a narrative for my paintings, my wish is for the viewer to experience it through their eyes only, the painting becoming their personal experience. My process is one of feeling and the painting just evolves, a feeling that is true and cannot be described.

I am just the channel through which paint flows.

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Cell : + 27 (0)82 822 8545

STUDIO VISIT TO VIEW BY APPOINTMENT ONLY – Kommetjie, Western Cape + 27 (0)82 822 8545



Shan Fischer
Freelance Illustrator/Visual Development Artist
For the last 5 years I have worked as a freelance Illustrator for various publishers and studios around the world.
I am currently working in the publishing, animation and film industries as a freelance illustrator and visual development artist.
Services offered: children’s book illustration, book cover art painting, interior illustration, conceptual artwork, editorial illustration, advertisement illustration and Animation Background artwork.
Contact Number: 079 729 9879

freelance illustrator


At Imhoff Farm, showcasing a large selection of original artworks and artists-prints by contemporary South African artists Donna McKellar and Marc Alexander. The Studio Art Gallery also includes a creative studio space where visitors can see Marc at work. So whether you are a new art enthusiast or serious connoisseur, if you would like to build your corporate or private art collection, we have just what you need.