Architecture and Building. Facilitating good design solutions within the Kommetjie environment

It is hoped that property owners will voluntarily comply with the guidelines in the interest of retaining the Kommetjie sense of place.

Building Departures

The KRRA has an architectural committee to deal with departures submitted for comment.

All building plans with departures to the zoning scheme should be posted by the municipality to the KRRA by registered mail at this address: PO Box 48342 Kommetjie 7976.

The architectural committee will endeavour to see plans within 2 weeks from receipt and within 30 days at the latest.

Comments (if any) will be posted back to the municipality.

Architectural Guidelines

The architectural committee is in the process of formulating some guidelines for property owners. Guidelines should facilitate good design solutions within the Kommetjie environment.

A basic contention of the Kommetjie guidelines is that the natural environment (typography, flora and fauna) should be taken into account equally with building design considerations in building plans.

These guidelines will be additional to the zoning scheme but will not take away rights.

It is hoped that property owners will voluntarily comply with the guidelines in the interest of retaining the Kommetjie sense of place. In this case, they are encouraged to submit plans for comment before submitting them formally to the municipality, even if there are no departures.

Guidelines will be posted shortly – but here is an example:

Street boundary: Boundary walls on the street can be solid up to 1.2m in height but if higher than 1m should be visibly permeable up to a maximum of 1.8m in height.
Examples of visibly permeable boundaries are latte, open picket or slatted fences or hedges.

One rule that is not a voluntary guideline concerns the protection of milkwood trees (sideroxylon inerme):

Any milkwood tree, whether on public or private land, is protected in terms of the National Forests Act of 1998 and may not be removed without permission from the Department of Forestry. The penalty is a fine of up to R50 000 or jail. Pruning of up to a maximum of 25% of the crown is allowed on private land but lopping off the top to get a view is specifically excluded and to do so is a criminal offence.

Residents who have skills or an interest in the built and natural environment of Kommetjie are encouraged to assist the architectural committee in setting guidelines and viewing plans.

Kommetjie Heritage Buildings

The Kommetjie sense of place derives partly from its location abutting a World Heritage Site and partly from its built heritage.

Kommetjie has a small number of significant buildings older than 100 years and many that are older than 60 years.

If you plan to alter or demolish any building that is older than 60 years you must apply for a permit from Heritage Western Cape.

You will also need to contact the Kommetjie Heritage Society ( and provide plans and sufficient information for their comment.

Anybody wishing to build new in Kommetjie is also strongly advised to become familiar with the Kommetjie built sense of place.

Click here to download the guide which includes before and after pictures.