Association Mandates. Some of the great work our volunteers do

These are some of the things we work on, although there are many others.

Scope of work

  • Spatial Planning
  • Environmental integrity
  • Newsletters
  • Web site
  • Membership
  • Fund raising
  • Interface with council and SANParks
  • Democracy development
  • Building compliance
  • Liaison with other civil society bodies
  • Baboons
  • By-law education
  • Local job creation


  • Engage with officials and councillors on rates and service delivery
  • Pursue the fire hazard problem
  • Support work of Komwatch
  • Help resolve Human/ Baboon conflict
  • Run Transitional Town events
  • Interact purposefully with neighbouring civic associations
  • Participate in Citywide civic endeavours
  • Encourage and initiate indigenous landscaping projects
  • Engage robustly with land-use planning, zoning, building approval and policy processes
  • Support waste minimization, energy efficiency, biodiversity conservation and local sustainability projects
  • Communicate regularly with members and residents
  • Advocate for more direct democracy