Meeting Minutes. Transparency is key to success

We have minutes of Kommetjie meetings dating back to the nineteen forties – so a good history of civic participation in local matters.

Each month we will upload the agenda for our next meeting, so you know what’s being discussed.  And you will be welcome to attend.  The next committee meeting is on Tuesday 26 June at 7pm at Kommetjie Christian Church.  The draft agenda is below.

Click here to download the June agenda.

The annual meeting was on 30 May. You can download the chair’s report and the financial reports below.   You can also see the two presentations from Let’s Help Each Other and PeaceJam.

Click here for the Chair’s report 2018

Click here for the financial report for 2017.

Click here for the financial report for 2018.

Click here for the Let’s Help Each Other presentation.

Click here for the PeaceJam presentation.