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Bird Watching

Kommetjie is a popular birding destination, especially the Kom area, Bird Island and the Longbeach area towards Klein Slangkop.

Some birds that are usually around are Swift and Sandwich terns, Bank (not many), Cape, Crowned and White- breasted Cormorants, Common terns in Summer and other resident birds like White- fronted plovers(on the beach)), African Black Oystercatchers, herons, egrets and ibis.

During the winter months, in stormy weather, birdwatchers gather near the boardwalk at the lighthouse and use birding scopes to watch passing seabirds.

Birds like Bokmakierie, Southern Boubou, sunbirds, mousebirds, Cape Spurfowl, Rock kestrel and Cape sugarbird can be found on Slangkop mountain.

Bluegum and other exotic trees, attract birds of prey like Black sparrowhawk and African goshawk, as well as Chaffinch and Klaas’ cuckoo.

Explore the Bokramspruit at Flamingo Drive end for warblers, Cape and Southern masked weavers, Cape and Sombre bulbul, Common waxbill, Karoo prinia, Pintailed whydah and Cape and Brimstone canaries, mostly in Summer.

Other areas to explore are Imhoff’s Gift and Wildevoelvlei Sewage works for waterbirds like ducks, flamingos, coot, herons, kingfishers and birds of prey like Marsh harrier and Fish eagles.

In Summer, watch for Steppe buzzard and listen for Spotted Eagle-owl and Fiery-necked nightjars in Spring and Autumn.

Birding information:

1. Bird counts at Wildevoelvlei Sewage ponds on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Contact Marilyn Metcalf 021 7831693 or 076 3710358 if you would like to come along.

2. Cape Bird Club. or email

3. Courses information: Watch the noticeboard at the Kommetjie Library.

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