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Kommetjie is the epi-centre of high-performance surfing on the Cape Peninsula, providing ideal conditions for surfers of all ages and abilities in a wide range of beach-breaks, points and reefs. In some ways, this is the North Shore of South African in the Deep South. We have two world class big wave spots right on our doorstep, and within a 10 km stretch of coast, you have probably eight world class surf spots that pack proper Atlantic raw power. There are rock slabs, pointbreaks, sandbars and every combination of all three.

Situated on the West coast of the Peninsula, halfway between downtown Cape Town and Cape Point, the tranquil coastal village is the first landfall on the African continent for swells generated in the stormy 4 000 Km fetch known as the Roaring Forties, guaranteeing a consistent, year-round supply of waves of all shapes and sizes.

The resident surfing community includes dozens of current and former national champions in various age categories and wave-riding disciplines, scores of dedicated free-surfers who shun contests and revel in the many powerful surf breaks and a hardcore group of big wave chargers who paddle and tow into some the world’s largest rideable waves.

Kommetjie also attracts hordes of surfers from elsewhere who flock to the area with their longboards, bodyboards, kneeboards, Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP), paddleskis, kayaks, kiteboards and many other forms of equipment.

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