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Image by Fluid Imagery

Diving & Snorkeling

The Atlantic water temperature gets very cold in summer, when the strong SE trade winds pull the sun-warmed surface away from the land, which is replaced by much colder, deep water that is 'upwelled' to the surface.


However, the frigid waters of Cape Town in summer have one up-side, and that is that these conditions can mean brilliant visibility with clear, clean water with many metres of viz. While there are many wreck and cold water coral dives to be had closer to town, visitors can still enjoy some beautiful dives along the unspoiled coastline of Kommetjie, with one wreck dive in the area, and options to enter the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

In winter, the water is generally warmer as the winds reverse in direction, bringing stormy seas and strong NW onshore winds that pull the warmer waters towards the coast. The downside is that the big surf and chopped up ocean destroys the viz and diving conditions become rare. Either way, we're not the tropics and wetsuits are needed at any time of the year. In summer, pull out the thickest you've got!

Once you are suited up, there are many rock pools, kelp beds and beaches to dive or snorkel around.

There are also several shipwreck sites that can be visited. CLICK HERE for a brilliant Wiki resource to diving around Cape Town.

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