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Blue Skies

AGM 2023

Welcome to this year's AGM. See the agenda attached. As you can see by the new logo, website and content, we're moving at a sedate pace into the 21st century. This AGM promises to be a bumper edition, but do try to respect the format of the evening so we can keep it to two hours.

At the meeting, KRRA will reassert our mandate, with some guiding key points from our constitution to remind everyone of what we are trying to achieve. We'll give an update on minutes from last year, take reports from our Chair and Financial Officer, and hear brief catch-ups from all our sub-groups, such as Roads and Safety; Parks and Open Spaces; Media and Comms; Environment; Planning, Development and Infrastructure; and Social Fabric. Each talk will be around 5 minutes with another 5 for questions. We will also hear from Councillor Simon Liell-Cock as well as a security update from Komwatch, and a baboon management chat by Dr Ben Cousins.

In a sense this is a pulse check on the community to see how you all are. There will be tables representing all sub-groups where you can also engage if we don't get to your question in the closing Q&A. Remember that our sub groups are not MUST HAVEs. We can't tackle everyone's issue, but if you have spoken amongst a few friends and have new ideas that you are prepared to drive forward, lets chat.
For instance, Emily and Holle have been talking about RESILIENCE, a group focusing on urban resilience and disaster mitigation such as drought, grid breakdown and running things like composting workshops to assist residence in being environmentally and socially resilient.

Perhaps someone wants to run a business group, and represent shop owners and other traders. If you don't feel like verbalising a new idea in front of this motely throng, you can write your general question or issue or suggestions for the committee on the white board with a poster that will be there, or approach one of the tables manned by Exco members.


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