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Blackened Swan

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

The fire that devastated our building more than 17 months ago has created challenges that we as the Oosthuizen family have had to face. We have instructed the insurers to go ahead with rebuilding the building as close as possible to the original.

We are awaiting the outcome from Heritage Western Cape as the building is older than 60 Years.

We have had to have the plans redrawn by Forensic architects due to the original plans being lost by the council in the fire that took place at the Archives many years ago. This was done via scanning of the remaining building with laser technology.

We are awaiting the quantity surveyors to finalise their forecasts of costings and the time frame involved. The plans will then have to be submitted to the City of Cape Town as well as the Heritage Department before approval.

Once this has taken place place, we would (or the insurer would on our behalf) open a call for tenders for the rebuilding. Once the tender process has been finalised and the building contractor appointed, there may be additional minor demolitions to ensure that the structure is safe to be rebuilt on the remains of the building. Thereafter when it has been cleared by a structural engineer the builders can then commence building.

I do not think that the builders will commence building this year. They may start after the builder’s holidays that end on 15 January 2024.

In the interim, the building is off-bounds to all and sundry due to safety concerns. There has been untold vandalism as well as theft from the site, which is an ongoing problem.

The building that will arise out of the ashes like a phoenix will be built to benefit the wants and needs of the Kommetjie Community. This will then take the property into serving Kommetjie for the next 100 years God willing. We as a family have owned the building since 1970, or 53 years.

We want to thank everyone in the community for their years of support, and to the retail stores in the building, as well as the kind words of support from the community. We appreciate it. We as the owners are 100% committed to the community.

Members of the KRRA can contact me directly should they feel there is a need to get more info. I will try to assist them where possible. Kind regards, Pierre Oosthuizen 082-936-0091 or


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