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Fynbos Boost for Kom

The KRRA environmental team have been busy around Kommetjie. A good start has been made in the restoration of the area between Wireless Road and the south-western bank of the Bokkramspruit.

Five sections have been cleared and planted with Strandveld species from Fynboslife Nursery in Muizenberg. These 'circles' will be added to and extended as funds permit. Eugenie Skelton has transformed the road reserve on the eastern side of the circle, also with Strandveld plants from FynbosLife.

Alien clearing of Port Jackson, Rooikrans, purple Echium, Glebionis coronaria (the yellow daisy) and pink mallow at the Kom continues.

The pavement along the entrance to Fisherman's Garden bar and restaurant has also had a facelift when local garden services company Elements installed a colourful, mixed rockery garden, while the Eco Nursery School planted the north side of the traffic circle.

Strandveld fynbos destined for planting


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