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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

As you are all aware, invasive aliens are a continual environmental threat in and around Kommetjie. To keep them at bay, one needs to be constantly vigilant. By John Cuthill.

A huge word of thanks to the silent hackers that quietly clean up the environment. The area near Skilpadsvlei is looking great!

The next area of concern is the entrance to Kommetjie from Bokrams river all the way along the road towards the school. We will also need to focus on the Glebionis infestation above Kirsten. Glebionis Coronus (pictured right) is listed as an invasive alien species, so don’t be fooled by its pretty looks.

One of our concerned hackers raised enough cash for two clearing days with a professional team. We want to use this to reduce the biomass on the mountain and follow up areas we cut last year. Volunteers who help will be rewarded with firewood – rooikraans. Bonus!

The KRRA environmental group hacking team are appealing to concerned residents for assistance with weeding, or funds to employ labour. We meet on the first Saturday of each month to tackle various areas around Kommetjie.

Please sign up and join our team! Contact John 0734030251


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