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Join us for the 2024 AGM

We have reached that time of the year when KRRA working group volunteers recap their work in our Conservation Village and surrounds over the past year.

Please join us at the Kommetjie Christian Church on Wednesday 5 June at 6.30pm to network with your fellow residents while you hear report backs on a wide range of issues and developments as KRRA fulfills its legal obligation to hold an Annual General Meeting and the fiduciary requirements that come with that.

There will be a demo on baboon-proofing your rubbish bins, and you will hear from each of the KRRA section heads on issues such as the status of the burnt out Swan Lodge: road safety issues on Wireless and other roads; conservation and environmental successes and challenges; the work of our social fabric group in building bridges with neighbouring communities and amongst ourselves; building and public space developments; fire break clearing and other resilience-related mitigation measures; the latest in our engagement with municipal and city authorities; and more.

This year, we will keep the meeting shorter, and will concentrate on the above report backs, with a short Q & A at the end. The process of engaging with other community concerns can be flagged, but these would need to be earmarked for later engagement and discussion after the meeting.

As a voluntary group, we are critically dependent on you the residents to support and drive our work -- there are regular opportunities to get involved no matter your skills or interest. This might be physical work to maintain and improve our local fynbos ecosystem; joining events to build community spirit and support good causes; helping us keep on top of practical concerns related to the many green spaces, walkways, paths and roads in our village; and engaging with the authorities on issues of concern.

Please come along to hear about the KRRA's work and how you could support this work to enhance our beautiful village.


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Any updates on the new long awaited SPAR development please?

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