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No Refuse Collection Today

Waste Mart apologises that they are not able to put trucks on the road today due to staff shortages this morning as a result of taxi strike action and associated violence and intimidation. Wastemart apologise for any inconveniences caused. City management has been informed.

The disruption in services is anticipated to spill into tomorrow and Thursday if strike continues and also through the week as "catch up" will be necessary.

The dump sites closed early yesterday, thus trucks were not able to offload and when services resume they will have to travel to empty all trucks before starting the usual routes.

There will also be a need to catch up collection in the areas which were missed and CoCT will give instruction as to how they go about the catch up, eg working longer hours or beginning with Tuesday's routes on that day.

You will be updated. Please for now BRING IN ALL BINS as NO REFUSE WILL BE COLLECTED TODAY.

List of areas affected Capri Imhoff's Gift Kommetjie Scarborough Mount Pleasant side of Simon's Town including some Naval Facilities Glencairn Heights Sun Valley

~Source Wastemart via Lynda Silk of CPCC (Cape Peninsula Civil Conservation NPO 281-904 NPO).


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