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Primate Patience Please

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Photo by Alan van Gysen

Since the KRRA workshop in collaboration with the baboon management team from the Simon's Town Civic Association at the Catholic Church hall last month (when many residents had reached the end of their tethers with baboon bad behaviour, with humans not far behind), a collective of South Peninsula civic representatives have been taking the ideas from the workshop further.

Amongst these are an invitation to the mayor to discuss the importance of keeping the baboon monitor programme going, finding out more about baboon proof fencing and maintenance, bringing local councillors into the conversation, and improving domestic waste bin design. We have a lull at the moment (apart from "Wandering Jack") but know that the baboons will be back when Capri and Die Oude Weg get too depleted or boring.

The KRRA pleads for your patience while these several practical initiatives are being taken forward.


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