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SWAN LODGE – Opinions Required!

Your opinion is needed to reach decisions.

This burnt-out building at the centre of Kommetjie has become a focus of community concern about:

  • Safety

  • The prohibitive cost of total replacement to original specs as far as possible

  • Eyesore

  • Loss of amenities

  • Heritage

  • Possible future structure look, feel and function

Practical remedial action has been slowed down by a combination of Heritage Western Cape (HWC); City of Cape Town and Insurance company requirements.

The KRRA has undertaken to help push the process along by engaging with the HWC.

To do this with some degree of confidence that we are representing the consensus of concerned residents we invite you to respond to these questions:

  1. Would you support a complete demolition of the entire building (excluding the vet-surf shop wing)?

  2. How (if at all) would you like the 1923 Swan Lodge building to be memorialised or what are your ideas on this community heritage matter?

  3. What sort of building replacement do you envisage bearing in mind its G3 zoning (General business up to three stories)?

  4. Which functions (commercial, residential or other) do you see as high on Kommetjie’s need list?

  5. Any other concerns/ comments? (Brief please)

Please email your responses to Ian Macduff

Many thanks

Patrick Dowling



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