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Help Ocean View Kids on Youth Day

Please can Kom community members assist Ocean View community builder Shamiela Rooi with financial assistance as she prepares for a special sports tournament for upcoming Youth Day this Friday 16 June.

Shamiela is trying to encourage positive aspects for the children by feeding them and hold netball and soccer matches between the children. She said it has been hard lately to steer away from the negative impact of gangsterism in the community.

"We have been a bit sad in our community recently. Two weeks ago we lost one of our kids. He went to the shop and was stabbed. He passed away, so the atmosphere in our community is a bit down. We marched to the police station and demanded to speak to the commander for help with the gangsters who want to rob our kids of there lives, so I'm trying to keep the positive side going with the sports to keep them from thinking of the negative things that's happening in our community," she said.

"What would make it a really good day is if I could feed them as normal, which includes a small lunch and a treat. I'm planning to feed about 200 kids so any help will be greatly appreciated."

Please consider making a small monthly contribution to support Shamiela, or make a bigger one-off donation:

S van Rooi

Capitec Bank

Savings Account

Account 1308389637


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