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Kom Fundraiser a Ripping Success

The KRRA, Green Room, raffle prize winners, and residents would like to thank all of the above - in other words, pat yourselves on the back - for a fabulous evening out at the Green Room recently.

The Green Room Party, in aid of fundraising for the volunteer work conducted by the unpaid KRRA committee and hired work crews as well as legal and media costs, had to be postponed from Saturday 1 June to Saturday 8 June, which turned out to be the best call.

The event was held on a pristine winter's day, and Kom residents came out in their hordes to enjoy food and drink specials, as well as cool sounds from a number of musical acts. Chip Snaddon, the local artist and biggish wave hellman, treated the audience to a show of the Clanwilliam sandfish puppets that he had been commissioned to make for Africa Burn.

An associated raffle managed to raise more than R18,000, which is sorely needed by the KRRA to cover hard costs associated with environmental, social, road safety, resilience, media and other projects. Here's a little gallery taken by members of the community:

Patrick Dowling, head of the KRAA said: "Well done to the raffle organising team, prize chasers down, gift wrappers and announcer. Brilliant work. The evening was also a huge success. Kommetjie is lucky to have you all. Thanks to the community for participating, and particularly to Michelle Koch, Caro Smit and David and his Green Room team for organizing"!

One of the raffle winners said: "I think the publicity for KRRA through the raffle and the Green Room street party has been fantastic, and it has helped to create a wonderful community spirit."

KRRA is proud to be associated with such an amazing, caring community, so thankyou! And a huge thanks to these epic local businesses and brands. You guys are the glue that holds the Kom community together.


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