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Pipe Pressure Problem

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

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In the Kommetjie area, from Wireless Road to the lighthouse, the COCT has managed to come up with a solution that seems to have worked.

Properties below Kommetjie Road (seaside) are fed via the Pressure Reducing Valve in Wireless Road, and all properties above Kommetjie Rd (mountain side) are fed via the former divisional valve (DV) at Osborne Road. COCT created a DV at the roundabout at Theubes Rd. This DV prevents the water feeding to the mountain side via the PRV.

The pressure in Maree, Mountain and Erica ranges between 5 and 7 bar off peak. The pressures on the seaside below Kommetjie road get about 5 bar off peak. These peak pressures are about 3-4 bar.

Maree Road previously got low pressures during the festive season. COCT will monitor how it goes for now and see if they have to do any adjustments closer to season.

As KRRA, we would like to make sure this problem is resolved. Should you experience burst pipes or water pressure problems first report it to COCT on 0860 103 089 then send Charmaine a short detailed WhatsApp on 081 831 0209, which includes your street name, reason for problem (burst pipe, low water pressure etc), and the time of day.

This will help us monitor which areas or roads Kommetjie are having water pressure issues.


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