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Road Safety Update

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Photo Alan van Gysen

KRRA road representative Caro Smit has been in touch with Cllr Simon Liell Cock, City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Transport portfolio member Roberto Quintas and City engineers and the following three proposals submitted last year have been added to Ward 19 Sub Council Meetings where they are receiving attention from City engineers and Councillors.

  • Request for a separate tarred side-walk and cycle track for pedestrians and vulnerable road users moving between Kommetjie and Ocean View

  • Solving the unsafe intersection coming out of Generations & Waldorf Schools and from Soetwater Road into Kommetjie Road

  • Improving on ways to lower driving speed in the village

Initially, the building of the side walk was rejected outright, due to a lack of finances. At the Sub Council meeting on 17 April 2023, feedback was that discussions are well underway with Generation School and Red Cliff Property and they have been given notice that it is their responsibility to pay for both upgrades to the intersections on Kommetjie road, because of the added development that was approved behind the school, as well as on Wireless Road due to the Riverside Extension development.

Cllr Simon Liell Cock is very concerned about the unsafe road situation along the sidewalk from Generations School on Kommetjie Road (a requirement to the developers' contract), and is asking the City if they can complete the sidewalk. Investigations about whether the developer also has to put sidewalks on Wireless Rd to Riverside Road are underway.

Many residents are concerned about the speeding in Wireless Road and Lighthouse Road. This has been taken up with City engineers, who are investigating how much the residents may have to pay or contribute to have speed humps or speed tables installed. Also under investigation is what Red Cliffs Property have to construct to make Wireless road safer.

Local residents of Wireless Rd and Lighthouse road can contact Caro on or 082 821 3673 so that we can form 2 committees to focus on safety on these roads.


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Excellent newsletter. Well done Steve and team!

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