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Workshop on Kom building guidelines

Updated: Jul 3

THE BUILDING WORKSHOP IS FULL DUE TO UNPRECENTED DEMAND Planning on building in Kommetjie? Concerned about development in Kom? Do you know the latest regulations for building in Kom? Come to a special workshop on July 4.


Kommetjie’s unique coastal village lifestyle and unspoilt natural environment is attracting more and more visitors here each year, as well as many new homebuyers wanting to settle here permanently. Kom is expanding and densifying as a result, and many of us feel that it runs the risk of losing its essential village character.


While growth and change are inevitable, the question now is how to manage this in a sustainable, equitable and responsible way, so that the unique character, lifestyle, and amenity of this village is preserved and even improved.


All building and development is both constrained and enabled within the established planning guidelines. The more we know about the rules for building in Kommetjie, and the more we understand what is and what isn’t allowed, the better equipped we will be to manage changes the way we want.


This workshop, prepared by the KRRA, provides a plainly worded overview of basic planning, building and development procedures applicable in Kommetjie. It is intended to accurately inform anyone interested in building, developing, or renovating in Kommetjie, and those living around them.

The workshop will provide guidance on Municipal Planning By-Laws, the City of Cape Town’s regulations, Heritage Western Cape requirements, and the procedures and protocols for reviewing, approving or objecting to applications for any development. It will also explain nearby residents’ rights, and rights to recourse under the law.


Ultimately, we hope this session will help to achieve KRRA’s goal of maintaining the Kommetjie ‘Village and Environment’ ideal, by providing accurate and useful information that will help to engage and empower the people who live here to have a positive role in its future development.


It will be hosted by our resident architect Ian Macduff, and held at 4 Arum Ave, Kommetjie, on July 4th at 7 pm. Arrive around 6.30, and bring whatever you need to sustain you for a couple of hours!



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