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Dance of the Nocturnals

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

A day or two ago, a resident on the corner of Benning Drive and Ixia was filming the milkwoods and listening to the sounds of the amphibian chorus coming from Skilpadsvlei when a prickly resident came prancing out of the milkwoods and sauntered into Ixia Lane.

See the video above (and see if you can recognise the sounds made by which of the frog species listed below?)

Margie Jarvis reports: "After a week of windy, stormy weather and a low amount of frog serenades, tonight - a mild, still eve - there was a beautiful chorus of frogs that included Clicking Stream, Cape Sand, Painted Reed and possibly Flat Caco, which has a higher bird call sound?

"Sadly, still no sign of the deep snoring throatiness of the Leopard Toad call. BUT, as I was filming for the froggy sounds a beautiful porcupine came across Benning road from the Milkwoods and I just managed to catch a glimpse of it as it headed up Ixia Road. How magical !

Frog species of the Cape Peninsula


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