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Support the Ocean View Night School Matric Ball

The Ocean View Matric Night School learners are seeking support for their upcoming matric ball, a celebration of achievement and inspiration for their communities. 

As South African citizens, we have the constitutional right to basic education. However, not everyone is afforded the opportunity or privilege to access basic education. According to the Department of Basic Education, over 40% of the million learners who start public school in the country each year drop out before reaching matric. The school dropout rate is of particular concern because students who drop out of school prematurely experience a lack of access to higher education, fewer job opportunities and lower wages than their peers who finished their schooling - perpetuating inequality. 

A group of adults learners aged between 22 and 55 are journeying to beat the odds and attain their Matric certificates through the Ocean View Matric Night School, aiming to open up better employment and promotion opportunities for themselves and their families. This endeavor is not just a personal achievement; it serves as an inspiration to the Ocean View community, demonstrating that life has hurdles but not insurmountable barriers, and it is never too late to strive for the best version of oneself.

Vasco Vigis, 45 year old community champion and citizen from Ocean View is one of the students who has gone back to finish Matric through the Adult Learners Night school at Ocean View High School. Vasco dropped out of school in Grade 10 at 18 years old and retuned to school in 2022, attending classes three times per a week from 6-9PM. Vasco says that the most difficult part of going back to matric is balancing home, work, family and community life in addition to studying. Vasco contributes significantly to bettering community life in Ocean View through Vigis Home of Hope and other initiatives such as the Ocean View Cadets

“You need to juggle work life, family life and make money at the same time”

Vasco dreams of finishing matric and studying towards a teaching degree to continue to support education and growth in his community. All the students in the Night School hope that by attaining their matric, they can be a pillar of hope for their families and the broader community. Vasco is one of 105 students registered to finish their Matric certificate in 2022. With only a few months to go, only 35 students have managed to get to the end of the journey to graduate in July 2024. Vasco says that the comradery between the 35 students is effervescent as they garner support and excitement together. Vasco and others have finished 3 out of 6 subjects and aim to finish off the final three subjects by June. 

“Seeing the first three subjects through has been a huge motivation. I can tell my children, “Daddy has done it”. I cannot continue to tell people that education is important and not finish it myself”

The Matric Adult Learners at Ocean View High School are reaching out to their neighbours in the valley for donations towards their matric ball venue, food and decorations taking place on the 27th of July 2024. The matric ball is more than just the dress up and the fun. It is a symbol of hope, potential and new beginnings. It is a celebration of achievement and the opportunities that education affords. See the article here in the False Bay Echo

“Now, as we embrace this chance to don caps and gowns, we aim to showcase our determination and gratitude to friends and family who have supported us through thick and thin.. Regrettably, missed opportunities from unwise decisions in our youth deprived us of previous matric ball experiences”. 

Considering their curent circumstances, with many of the learners earning minimum wage due to the absence of a matric certificate, and originating from a previously disadvantaged community, these individuals and the others they represent bear the weight of "black tax," further straining financial resources as their families navigate the challenges. Living arrangements add another layer of complexity, with a significant number of the students residing in someone's yard or sustaining entire families in a single room. Your support would not only contribute to the success of the matric ball but also alleviate the financial strain on our neighbouring community. 

“Our pursuit of education represents a commitment to breaking barriers, and we envision the matric ball service as a symbolic celebration of our second chance at success”.

How to support

The Learners have set up an official BackABuddy page for their endevours. You can contribute here using the link : 

Watch out for other fundraising events and opportunities in Kommetjie over the next while. If you have any inspiring ideas on additional and more sustained fundraising opportunities for this initiative please feel free to contact KRRA Social Fabric at 


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