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Road Safety Update

This is a short summary of the work being done by the KRRA team dealing with Traffic and Road Safety led by road safety expert Caro Smit. More details, and results, will be shared at the AGM on Wednesday 5 June 2024.

We attended and made submissions at the monthly City of Cape Town Sub Council 19 meetings requesting:

1) separated pedestrian pavement between Ocean View and Kommetjie

2) traffic circle at the Generation school/Slangkop rd. intersection

3) speed reductions to 30km or 40km in Kommetjie

4) STOP signs at Kirsten and Kommetjie Rd

5) STOP signs at Kommetjie and Van der Horst/Erica Rd

6) road safety needs and concerns at the Wireless Rd 1 and 2 developments where 250 extra residential dwellings will feed into Riverside and Kommetjie Rd

Recent meetings about the concerns raised in Point #6 have been held with the Sub Council, residents, the developer, city engineers, the Mayoral Councillor for Urban Mobility and the Mayor. These meetings may well yield positive road safety results in the future. Watch this space.


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