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Fire Flares Up Near Kommetjie

Kom fire
Thick smoke made visibility difficult at the entrance to Kommetjie. Photos Steve Pike

Words and Images by Steve Pike

A bush fire erupted this afternoon between the Ocean View police station and Kommetjie, engulfing Kommetjie road, and large tracts of the village, in dense smoke.

City of Cape Town firefighters, Working With Fire personnel, two choppers and a spotter plane were called onto the scene. A particularly savage southeaster had come up after lunch, fanning the flames and driving them up the mountain towards Kommetjie Ridge, with flames licking the walls of properties at the start of the village.

Dense smoke enveloped the area, and some concerned residents were forced to plan for evacuation. At 10 to 8pm, the choppers were still on the scene, but reports from the City say that the fire is under control, with the main problem being smoke and ash. The helicopters left the scene at about 7.55pm


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