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Join Street WhatsApp Chats

KRRA has created a new WhatsApp group called Kom Street New Members (this one is very useful, promise!) where people can join temporarily if they wish to join a street WhatsApp chat group. We'll then find out which street they are in and try and link them up.

This is the link to join, or scan the QR on your phone camera or QR app. Jenny will endeavour to match you with the relevant street group, and will then remove you from Kom Street New Members.

Street groups are great to find out about events in your neighbourhood, such as the very successful street get-togethers, as well as getting pertinent information that may be more specific to your neck of the Milkwoods.

If you would like to join the Baboon Chat Group (ONLY for reporting the presence or whearabouts of local baboons), please ask Jenny at the link above.


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