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Major Earth to Ground Control

You are warmly invited to watch world acclaimed film The Letter at St Joseph's church at the top of Rubbi Road, Kommetjie, at 18h30 on Saturday 30 September.

"Everything is connected." The way we treat the Earth, our common home, is a reflection of the way we treat each other. Caring for each other means caring for the home we share.

KRRA's Patrick Dowling and Kommetjie Kommunity are hosting this acclaimed documentary about the climate and ecological crises we are already experiencing across the Earth as seen through the eyes of front-line activists and researchers. The film is 80 minutes long.

There is hardly a place on Earth, not least the Western Cape, that has not experienced extreme and massively damaging weather disruption and biodiversity loss as a consequence of climate change and ongoing over-extractive and entirely unsustainable human activities. This activity, as many scientists say, are propelling us towards tipping points that threaten our concept of civilization.

The film was inspired by the Encyclical (Letter) written by Pope Francis in 2015 to coincide with the historical but much ignored Paris Agreement on Climate change.

There will be time for a short discussion after the film. There won't be time to discuss all this, but the event can support and help galvanise more corrective social action.

The film is free but any donations will go to church buildings upkeep. All welcome. Do try to attend.


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