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One small stepup for Kommetjie kind

Mark puts the finishing touches on his rustic wooden stepup. Photo Supplied

Kudos to Kom resident Mark Skelton for building a ladder up a very steep and difficult section of one of the Kommetjie paths that lead up the mountain from near the lighthouse.

A rockfall at the top of the first section of the patch up to Cobra Camp from Lighthouse road had occurred, and this led to further erosion in the heavy winter rains we have been experiencing. The alternative route had very steep rocks not suitable for many dogs, and older residents.

The Slangkop Lighthouse boardwalk repairs have been logged with the park and is waiting for a quote. The above Slangkop Mountain path has also been logged and will be assessed after suggestions that the path be converted into switchbacks. Having a straight line down the mountain createsa deep gully and is not ideal.

Another project on the cards is to repair the brick paving at the Long Beach lookout deck. KRRA also hopes to get railings fitted down those dangerously steep and large steps that lead down to the beach, but await an engineers report on how and when to go about it.


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