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Update on road renovations and noise nuisances

There are a number of road, and noise pollution challenges facing Kommetjie, and we would like to urge residents not to lump specific issues together because each has a unique context, with different ramifications.

Various road tarring operations are taking place in Kommetjie although not with the amount of public participation that we would have wanted. The one in the picture is down Diemaar Road near Long Beach. Most Diemaar residents were in favour of these changes after making an official request to the City seven years ago. This work is signed off and will go ahead.

The changes to Arum Avenue were more contentious with most residents preferring low key gravel. A meeting was held between City officials and residents to see if the funds allocated to this road could be redeployed possibly to Erica road. This needs to be finalised. See the minutes from the meeting HERE.

Residents around the informal car park under Milkwoods at the Inner Kom off Lighthouse Road were concerned about antisocial behaviour, noise and wheel spinning happening there. Various mitigating actions were discussed and steady progress is being made with these. Though the issue of surfacing was raised, no decisions have been made.

The topic of spinning in Ocean View and the noise it generates has come up several times and the KRRA has been approached to find out more about the regulations that apply. The City wants to formalise the sport, and to create space for it under certain conditions. We are trying to get clarity about the options and to ensure that the potential timing be moved from a Sunday evening.


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