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Beach Cleanup
A lot of plastic and waste was retrieved, but the huge amount of tiny plastic items is overwhelming. Photo Mike Smit

Well done on all the clean-up work on World Cleanup Day a few weekends ago despite strong wind and wet conditions.

About 150kg was collected in the north-eastern section of Long Beach by combined KRRA, Sanparks, St. Joseph's parish and Save our Seas Foundation teams. This does not include many bags collected by other residents in different parts of town.

Next we have to get that motherlode of plastic stuck in the rocks! The teams were also very concerned about the amount of other smaller and micro plastic pieces that are everywnere. Mentioned was made of dominanet culprits bottle tops and ear bud sticks.

The sooner the folks at the source moved to biodegradable items, the better for us all. But we work within the parameters where we can make a difference. Well done all!


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