Kommetjie is a village with a unique and special blend of beach, mountains, sea, nature and surf… Beautiful to live in, remarkable for a day trip, and amazing for a holiday!

Recent Updates

Find out how cell phone technology is affecting YOU!


Cell masts, wifi, phones, new technology – How do they affect you? What can you do? Find out more at a public information sharing meeting led by EMF specialist, David.. read more

May news


Confirmed – as announced at our annual meeting, the Community Police Forum (CPF) for our area is meeting in Kommetjie on Wednesday, 22 May, at Kommetjie Christian Church, Lighthouse Road,.. read more

Do you know the artist?


Does anyone recognise this map? Do you know who drew/designed it? The authors of the new Kommetjie book – Duncan, Marilyn and Roger – really want to contact the artist… read more