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Beach, Mountains
& Sea

Welcome to the website of the Kommetjie Residents & Ratepayers  Association (KRRA)

This website is dedicated to the people of Kommetjie - a place to connect, discuss, learn, promote and  protect.

Please donate to help us
better our kommunity.



We share our environment with fynbos, baboons, tortoises, birds, dangerous and harmless snakes, Cape clawless otters, genets, porcupines, and leopard toads, and that's just on land!


Kommetjie is a village with a unique and special blend of beach, mountains, sea, nature and surf. Beautiful to live in, remarkable for a day trip, and amazing for a holiday!


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Kommunity Forum

Take part in the KRRA forum. 

Have your say to report an issue, share an idea, make a suggestion, find information, or just chat.

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